Male chastity

Trying to break the lock of your chastity belt was a bad idea

Handcuff yourself with your hands behind your back

I should have imagined I couldn't trust you.

You were allowed to use your tools only to repair those broken shelves which are in my closet. To try to break the lock of your chastity belt has not been a good idea, besides a very dangerous action.

I can understand you are desperate to cum, but honestly honey, I don't think the risk you have taken worth it.

Your cock cage keys are sold at online auction site

I'll take that tongue of yours for a test drive

"Look, I don't care whether you think your ex-wife had the right to put your "special" keys on that online auction site or not, I paid good money for them & I have every intention of getting my moneys worth. Did you know that the keys came with a remarkable collection of rather damning photos of you along with a copy of your full address book on the same USB stick?

Now, I think it's time you stripped so I can inspect my new goods, & then I'll take that tongue of yours for a test drive, I'm expecting my investment to pay dividends for a long time to come"

I get naked but my chastity belt waiting quietly for my wife's appearance

You will stay locked in chastity for at least, another week

It's Friday evening. Time for my weekly performance review.

After a couple of weeks in my chastity device, I am almost sure that my slate is clear this week. I have not taken notice of any demerit, so I willingly proceed as usual.

I get naked but my chastity belt, kneel down in the sitting room and with my hands on my head, I wait quietly for my wife's appearance.

Honey, would you think that your chastity cage can be taken off by itself

I came down to my knees and started to massage her feet

I knew my wife was at home, but I was so busy doing all the house chores that I had not paid attention at her since she came back from work. Suddenly, I heard her calling me. Her tone of voice sounded a bit irritated, so I rushed towards her.

When I showed up, she asked me in a very sarcastic way:

"Honey, would you think that your chastity cage can be taken off by itself, I mean, without my involvement in the release process?"

I hope you enjoyed seeing his cock slide in and out of my cunt

Now be a good boy and worship my pussy

"Oh that was such a good fuck. I am going to like this new lifestyle very much"

She smiles as she lets her cuckold hubby out of his cage.

"I hope you enjoyed the view from where you were. I tried to position myself so you could see his cock slide in and out of my cunt. The cunt you will never fuck... ever again"

You will be required to wear a chastity belt which I will provide

I get better productivity from cock-caged employees

During my research, I found your online pseudonym. It appears that you have strong interest chastity. I'm prepared to offer you the job, but you will be required to wear a chastity belt which I will provide. Of course I will hold the keys. I have found that I get much better productivity out of my employees when they are properly motivated. Do you accept my offer?

Think about how you can never touch me

You can never touch your wife

Yeah baby, come on. Stroke it to the body you can never have. The body you can never touch.

Are you ready to cum? I want you to make sure that when you're cumming, you're thinking about me and only me. Think about how you can never touch me. How you can never touch your wife. Cum for me.

You hate your wife's best friend for buying her the book "Condition your man to be the cuckold you've always dreamed of' for her birthday. Your wife is not aware that you know she has this book, but you saw it in her night table the other day when she left the drawer open. If it wasn't for her friend seeing your little dick when she walked in on you in the bathroom while you were getting out of the shower a few weeks back, this would have never happened. You can't help but wonder if that was planned...

My wife is proud because she keeps me locked in chastity

Chastity improves my behavior

My wife is very proud of the fact that she keeps me locked in chastity and the improvements in my behavior that she says have resulted Here she is showing me off to a a neighbor who seems very interested. Her husband is unlikely to see his life change soon!

We tried black cuckolding during our marriage

Sucking her out, so she was clean for the next guy

There were many things we tried during our marriage. The once you go black cuckolding thing, may not have worked out as planned. The chastity part, she loved, lock me up, tie me to a chair with a vibrator going front and back, she liked that.

Leaving to go out without any underwear, she seemed to like also. Bringing back really well hung guys to fuck in front of me, seemed to make her happy. Oddly enough, watching her get fucked silly, made my dick push the cage limits. Sucking her out, so she was clean for the next guy was priceless...

It's a special treat, for my lovers only. Not for whipped hubbies in chastity cages

Does it make your little dickie hard

"This is what you wanted to see? My boobs? You've been bugging me for the past two weeks to see them, whining and crying and complaining and begging. I'm just sick of it.

"So here, have a good look, a good eyeful. Commit them to memory, because you're not going to see them for a long while now. And believe me, you'll pay for this. I was going to keep you in that chastity cage for one more month only, but now that you've pissed me off you'll stay in there for at least three months, if not more.