Male chastity - page 2

Will this clothing enhance your denial experience considerably?

Stockings turned out to be one of your biggest turn-ons

Listen dear, I don't know what you get out of your fantasy, but you really seem to love it, don't you?

During our teasing sessions I can tell hat you are truly suffering and in the beginning I had real difficulties that I'm the one inflicting your torment!

But the loving way you look at me afterwards and say "thank you" many times always encourages me to keep you denied.

Hubby's opinion is not important when it comes to locking in chastity

You feel a bit uncomfortable in that device?

Yes honey, I know it's new for us, but I promise you, that every single one of my girlfriends say this method has improved her marriage.

We have to try it.

Molly even has showed me in front of her husband how to fix this device and it's quite easy. You only have to drop your pants and assume position like this, with your hands on your head, and stay still.

Mother-in-law immediately put me into a chastity tube

Mother-in-law turned me into a house slave

After my wife left me, her mother took me in hand and moved into the house. She immediately put me into a chastity tube and turned me into a house slave. She only has to give me a glimpse of her breasts and I feel motivated to work for hours.

You are obedient now that you are denied orgasms

Start kissing my ass and make it good

"My daughter has been telling me how obedient you are now that you are denied orgasms. I want to see if that is true - start kissing my ass and make it good"

It wasn't long before I was wearing a custom built steel chastity belt

I am her full time chauffeur and personal maid

Melissa had many bad experiences with guys using and abusing her. She made up her mind that would never happen again. She made the decision that she would always be in charge in every relationship.

From the time she first asked me out, I never stood a chance against her will. All she does is smile or pout, and I give into her every request.

I'm telling you where I want to he licked

Cum is staying locked away inside your nuts

You know, for a little man who says he needs to cum so bad... ... you don't follow instructions very well. I think a few more weeks without any relief might help.

So, until you learn how to listen to me when I'm telling you where I want to he licked, you're bubbly little spunk mess is staying locked away inside your nuts.

So, learn fast, bitch!

Honey, this is first load of cum you swallow

You'll be swallowing every drop my lover's cum

"There you go honey, your very first load of cum for you to swallow. I know you don't like it now, but I will make sure that you drink it all down without any going to waste.

Now, now, you'll get used to it soon enough I mean after all, from now on you'll be swallowing every drop os cum my lovers produce"

I shouldn't have asked to watch my wife and her lover

My wife's lips wrap lustfully around his big cock

Maybe I shouldn't have asked to watch my wife and her lover. She ripped his clothes off him and as soon as I saw his already hard cock, I knew why I was a cuckold: He is HUGE!

My wife's lips wrap lustfully around his tip and even with four Inches inside her, she still has most of his thick, smooth shaft to go! Her hands each cup a ball and even then she barely holds all of him! If she held me, my whole junk would fit into her one hand with room to spare!

When were you advised to put a chastity belt on him?

Girls discussing their husbands and chastity discipline

So haven't you appreciated any improvement in his performance yet?

Well, yes a bit. But quite often when I start thinking it's working he suddenly becomes mad, bursting out with silly tantrums trying to dare me.

On the other hand, some other days he looks so sad..., that I really feel some remorse and I even think I should release him for a while, you know, I don't want to damage him in any way.

Trying to break the lock of your chastity belt was a bad idea

Handcuff yourself with your hands behind your back

I should have imagined I couldn't trust you.

You were allowed to use your tools only to repair those broken shelves which are in my closet. To try to break the lock of your chastity belt has not been a good idea, besides a very dangerous action.

I can understand you are desperate to cum, but honestly honey, I don't think the risk you have taken worth it.