Male chastity - page 23

What part of No orgasm for you this week did you not understand?

She denied you from having orgasms for a week

What part of "No orgasm for you this week" did you not understand? I'm sure I made myself clear. We can see a week from now if I feel that you've earned relief. Until then, I expect you to endure and to do so quietly.

Stand there in nothing but your chastity belt

Husband exposed outdoors wearing chastity belt

OK, here's the deal. If you can stand there in nothing but your chastity belt for 5 minutes, I'll let you out of your belt for a 5 minute tease, but no orgasm.

If you can stand there for 30 minutes without getting arrested, I'll give you a 30 minute tease followed by the most intense orgasm of your life. What if you get arrested? Then I'll add a month to your lock up time.

Your naughty wife was caught in bed with the gardner

Wife punished for chating

Dear oh dear! Havent you been a naughty little wife getting caught in bed with the gardner!

Your husband herd that I make high class chastity belts and has hired me to measure you up for my latest model!

The ropes are there in case you object to having your pussy locked away with your husband holding the keys but as part of the payment I get to use you first!

My poor denied cock throbbed in it's cage

I'd served my wife for another man

I'd served my wife & her date drinks when they returned, then prepared her bedroom & now she was ordering me to my tiny room to spend the night listening to them while my poor denied cock throbbed in it's cage.

I was so desperate for any attention from her or contact with that hot body, that I could only hope I might wake in the night to find her straddling my face for clean ups.

Friends were naturally curious about your chastity belt

All my friends will take a turn spanking you

Don't look at me like that, you brought this on yourself. When I told my friends about your chastity belt they were naturally curious. When Nancy said she wanted to see it I said she could but you didn't want to show it to her, acting like you have a say in the matter.

Well now you've done it, pull down your pants not only are my friends going to see your chastity belt but they are also going to have a chance to see me spank you. And after I'm done paddling you; I think I'm going to have all my friends take a turn at spanking you, you won't be sitting down for a month.

She had locked you cock up and dominated you all night

Make sure that all of the cum gets eaten by my husband

You had gotten the penthouse suite costing a fortune. She had locked you cock up and dominated you all night. Now, 27 stories up, she has you sucking her out after your last cum while she looks down on the folks in the lobby. I wonder what she has planned next?

Those guys are looking up here. Come on up and ride the rides or free she yells. Uh, oh, they heard her and are running for the elevator. There must be fifteen or twenty, something tells me, there is going to be a lot of fucking going on. As she hands me the camera to take pictures so she can remember this night, my guess is that she is not going to let my dick out of its cage.

Am I releasing you from your chastity belt now?

Daughter left me the spare key to your chastity device

Ok, my son in law. I accept these one thousand longhand lines you have written for me during this weekend. They are neat and clear It can be sound a bit kinky and weird of me, but I think is very important to set the rules of the house.

Those rules you are to follow while your wife is overseas and you are going to live with me and I have to say that to handwrite lines, always showed as an effective pedagogical method in my times as former teacher. So just to be sure, tell me what have you learnt while writing? That's it. "ft is compietiy forbiden to cum, without previous request and granted permission" Am I releasing you from your chastity belt now? Of course not, sweetheart! How you dare to...!

I'm going to be greeting my lover later while wearing this

Whip out that little dick to your half naked wife

Thanks so much baby for buying me this new lingerie. You know how much I loved getting new stuff like this. You're the bestl I know I don't usually put it on for you, but I figured it's your birthday, so it's the least I could do.

Why don't you whip out that little dick of yours and stroke it to your half naked beautiful wife. Think about how I'm going to be greeting my lover later while wearing this, then he'll fuck me. I'll keep it on too. That way you know that the lingerie you bought me on your own birthday was worn while I got fucked.

We would try out this chastity game for a month

I'm the one with the chastity key

Now honey, you know the deal we made. We would try out this chastity game for a month and then decide if we wanted to keep playing.

I have spent the past month teasing you and making sure you don't cum just like we agreed and now I've decided that we want to keep playing so I'm not going to let you cum I'm just going to keep on teasing you. As to when I'm going to let you cum, I haven't decided.

You have four years to get used to those spikes in your chastity tube

Well my little chastity slave

Well my little chastity slave you did even worse in the second pool bet than you did the first time. You do still remember the first pool bet we made: we were playing to fifty points and the winner would get the loser as a slave for one month for every point they won by.

I guess it would have been fairer if I had kept my dress on, but I really wanted to win. You couldn't keep your eyes on the game and so you didn't end up playing very well and I got you as a slave for sixteen months. I laughed so hard at your facial expression when I brought out the chastity belt and locked you into it, and I've kept you locked in it the whole sixteen months you've been my slave.