Male chastity - page 7

Team chastity slave will serve all of them

You'll do anything they say

Well honey this is a little hard to say but I've decided to break up with you. However I'm not going to let you out of your chastity belt. Instead of you being my chastity slave and serving just me I'm going to turn you into the team's chastity slave and you can serve all of us.

That's right you'll do all of the things you did just for me, just now you'll do them for all of us. Lick our feet, bathe us, and help us dress, help us with our hair and make-up, and give us massages just to name a few. You'll also have to do anything we say no matter how painful, humiliating, or sexually frustrating.

Did you find the key to your cage anywhere?

You locked your weenie for her

Done cleaning the house baby? Good did you find the key to your cage anywhere? No awww I'm sorry... how is this my fault, you are the one that can't find it, loser! I think you should leave now you have upset me too much, I don't even feel like letting you go down on me... oh and hunny on your way home I want to stop by that cute guy next door, tell him that you locked your weenie for me and now you cant find the key, then peg him to come over and fuck my brains out like i deserve, if you do that for me I'll let you fuck me when you find it, if you don't I'll make sure you never find that key

You are the one in the chastity belt and she is the one with the key to it

It's been about ten months since you last had an orgasm

Let me see: it's been about ten months since you last had an orgasm and it's been about ten hours since I had you lick me to one. Guess which one of us will be having an orgasm right now.

You're so smart: that's right I'm the one who's going to cum right now.

It must seem so unfair, doesn't it? After all this time you must be unbelievably horny and I'm just a little horny, so why should I be the one to cum and you have to continue suffering?

I have spent all day locked in my chastity tube

Wife is finding somebody to cuckold me with

The first evening of our long awaited Greek Island holiday. Since we arrived I have spent all day locked in my chastity tube, unpacking, shopping and cleaning the villa.

My wife has been sunbathing, coming in just occasionally to supervise my work. Now as the sun goes down I can see that she has her mind set on finding somebody to cuckold me with. She never fails - almost certainly I will be cleaning her up soon!

You like the idea of cleaning the cum of a real man off your girlfriend

Your idea for her to fuck another man

Your girlfriend returns to the hotel room. "Baby, I met this really hot guy on the beach. I've been thinking a lot about your idea for me to fuck another man and I think I'm going to go through with it. I want it to be him. He was really groping me afterwards at the bar. And you won't have to worry! I'll be really close by. He's in the room above us. He said he couldn't wait to blow a load all over my tits... Wow, you're really pitching a tent through that swimsuit baby."

You are not the first small-dicked loser to pick me up

A man like you has no chance of satisfying her

Yes, this is the surprise I was talking about. You see, you are not the first small-dicked loser to pick me up; although you are the smallest. At first I just laughed at them and left. But then I thought about how disappointing it was. Men really should know a bit more what kind of package it takes to please a woman. A man like you has no chance of satisfying me. A little boy like you should stick to masturbating.

Do you regret introducing me to your chastity fetish?

You get on your knees lick her ass

Do you remember seeing me bend over like this waiting for you? You'd give me some hard smacks and then rip my panties off and then shove your cock in my eager ass. You'd bang me without mercy spanking me the whole time and finally shoot a huge sticky load in my ass.

Now when I'm bent over like this it means something very different. Now it means I want you to get on your knees gently pull down my panties with your teeth and lick my ass until my pussy is dripping and then lick my pussy until I can't cum anymore. And yours is the only ass that gets spanked and you don't get to cum at all.

See what you could have had if you had a real cock

You never saw me naked and you never will

As you sit at home jerking off in front of the computer, yet again, you get a new email from your ex-girlfriend.

"Hey! I know you're probably doing what you do best right now. Stroking your little cock! LOL! That's why I left you, isn't it? For weeks you had me believing you were packing something big in your pants, but no, you were a big tease, and that shit doesn't fly with me, as you know by now. I just got back from a night out with my new boyfriend and I was snapping a few photos with my webcam.

The changes this will bring to your life

You know how happy and satisfied Jamal makes me

"Okay hubby, come in & kneel down here to listen to what I have to say. You know how happy & satisfied Jamal makes me, so now we have decided that it's time to take our relationship to the next level. I guess that it's time to talk about the changes this will bring to your life, your release schedule & of course your status in this household"

Maybe you want to be my chastity slave?

She'll never let you cum again at all

Did you really lock yourself into the chastity cage? Already?

Wow, I mean I planned on getting you locked up one way or another, but I thought it would take a lot more than that.

You have no idea the things I would have done to get you locked in that thing. I thought at the very least I would have to sleep with you, though I didn't really want to. In fact I would have done just about anything you said, no matter how perverted, if it meant you would lock yourself up afterwards: because I knew that the second you snapped that lock closed I would own you.