You WILL live by the rules my daughter and I make for you

On our wedding night my wife handcuffed, collared and leashed me. I didn't resist because I thought it was just a kinky game. She pulled me by the leash into the bedroom suite. Imagine my surprise when I found her mother standing there holding a nasty looking whip and looking very dominant.

Now that you are my son in law, you WILL live by the rules my daughter and I make for you. The first order of business is for me to teach your bride the proper technique for whipping a husband into shape. The second is to lock you into your stainless steel chastity belt. It has been custom made to your exact measurements.

For the first year, I will hold the keys while my daughter learns to dominate you and keep you denied and teased. For your sake, I hope she learns well, or I may never give her the keys, and you will stay locked up indefinitely. Oh, and the last order of business will be to learn how to properly and completely satisfy a woman orally.